About the

Alchemist Artist Healer Creator

How I Got Here,

“ Essential oils have assisted me in many transitions & through many emotions. They have held me through deep healing. I have found a gentle place in these plants to immerse myself & surrender to healing. With all of my creations, my hope for all of you is that you will feel and experience natures’ magic & magnificence.” – Cristen Stefanelli

Through my connection between self, community, planet & The Cosmos, The Celestial Healer was manifested.

Growing up in a small town on the east coast of the united states, Cristen spent most of her time outdoors, connecting with plants, animals & nature. At the age of 17, she moved to the West Coast on a solo journey and found herself exploring her passion and curiosity around healing, metaphysics, theology & homeopathic medicine. Cristen found her love for essential oils and became fascinated by the abundant benefits, including healing properties and new orientations from using the medicine. She began to study by immersing herself into books & ancient wisdom to gain knowledge and understanding of their sacredness and how they could be used to assist others on their personal journeys & create transformation throughout the world. During this time, she was working as a wardrobe stylist and finding her creative and connected outlet by mixing, channeling & alchemizing oils for herself & loved ones. Seeing the positive effects and miraculous healing the medicines brought, she was inspired to create 1/1 custom oils for her clients. 

My process

“ When I am blending an oil for a client, I am in a state of channeling. I use both scientific & intuitive knowledge. I have allowed myself to open up to my client’s energy and I am guided on what is right for them and their healing journey. It’s like magic.”

After many years of doing Custom Oils, driven by passion, intent & the joy of powerful emergence, I am now sharing my gift with the world and creating formulas to be used everyday as tools of divination for healing, protection, transformation, harmony & guidance.