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Book a Date & Time in the calendar below – Custom Oils come in a 1 or 2 oz Oil or Spray

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Based on your needs & custom oil signature, I will create & send A healing oil Just For You!

The CEleStial Healer offers 1/1 custom oils for your personal journey

This offering provides you with a 1 or 2 oz. spray or oil formulation, based on your preference or my suggestion.

Consultations work as follows; Choose a date & time in the calendar for your 15 min video or phone consultation. Fill out the form above & tell me about yourself and what it is you are desiring out of your custom creation. You are encouraged to free flow and express yourself when filling out this form. Custom oils are priced per oil and range in price depending on the ingredients and chosen package.

All formulations are created with researched ingredients & scientific consideration of your personal needs. They are channeled by tapping into your energy and aligning the oils with your frequency. Whether you are seeking physical or emotional healing, they are custom to what you are currently working through or manifesting.

"I have struggled with anxiety and sleep most of my life. The more I researched, the more I realized that I wanted a natural way to have better sleep habits. I was grateful to have a Custom 1/1 Essential Oil Blend to speak to those needs. It truly called to me and provided the perfect balance I needed. I started using my blend at bedtime and not only got more restful sleep but I was also waking up more alert and energized. This was the missing piece I needed not only for my night routine but also at moments where I needed to create peace for myself. I carry it with me daily! " Jessica Rubin - Director Of Client Services

People that have experienced The CEleStial Healer

I use the channel blend created intentionally for me as often as I feel called to. We channeled it during a time when I was being drawn to realign to a space within myself that promoted messages of love & healing. I can feel the light within expanding and connecting to my divine alignment whenever I use it. Chloe Gherardson- Yoga Teacher & Computer Programmer