Years of Research & Guidance Has Created a Product With the Highest Ingredients & Alchemy.

Increase in energy

Odors increase the bodys’ energy. Essential oils travel to the brain & affect the olfactory bulb that extends to the limbic system. The limbic system controls our mood, memory, behavior & emotion. Smells have a major effect on our memory, more than any other sense. Smells quickly enter the brain and attach to memories, emotions & moods. The aromas process, heal and balance these emotions. The positive effects are felt immediately.

External application

Essential oils work best when heated. Before applying to the body, rub hands together in a clock- wise motion to create heat. There are certain areas of the body that act as receptors and allow the oil to penetrate into the bloodstream easily, such as, forehead, temple, behind ears, neck, shoulders, heart, wrists, feet & spine. Essential oil molecules are so small that when applied to the skin; they are able to pass through and enter into the bloodstream. Like any other form of medicine they need to be applied consistently and several times a day to experience their true pleasure & benefits.

Why Use Pure Therapeutic- Grade Oils

For essential oils to work their function on a cellular & molecular level they need to be pure grade oils from the plant not ‘of the plant’ which has become very popular in the aromatic & perfume industry. No matter how costly, we cannot substitute. No oils have been made successfully in a laboratory, they have only been made to replicate an aroma.

Sustainable Packaging & Ingredients

All products are sourced from the American West & contain 100% Organic Ingredients.


Each blend is handcrafted to create a Unique & Supportive experience.

Getting Product To You

All Products are Made to Order & Will be fulfilled in one to four days.