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This medicine has been used for 3000 years for religious & spiritual practice, it is believed to have antiseptic, anti inflammatory & even anti-neurotic effects.


A costly oil that is rich in antioxidants & fights free radicals. A true aphrodisiac, used for centuries in Meditation & Spirituality.


The Queen of Medicinal plants. Antiseptic & Anti Inflammatory, may be used to treat burns and acts as a relaxant & sleep aid.


This royal oil puts mind into a rightful place. It is antiseptic & antiviral, repairs cells & improves the speed of healing.


A delightfully scented & costly oil. Neroli is a high vibrational oil that intensely moisturizes the skin & boosts the process of regeneration.


A costly oil that is connected to the heart center. On skin, rose delivers a variety of vitamins & minerals, leaves skin with a natural glow & luster.


Anti, bacterial, viral & inflammatory. Used for rituals and was burned in places of worship as it purifies the air & prevents the spread of diseases


Assists in a conscious mind, boosts the immune system, moisturizes & clears skin, reduces sinuses & headaches, pain reliever and stimulates hair growth.


The Oil Of Tranquility. Warming & soothing. On skin, it is firming & tightening and protects against free radicals. A natural bug repellent.


Antiseptic, antibacterial & anti inflammatory. Promotes muscle relaxation & softens spasms. In meditation, it brings you to a deep place of meditation.

Clary Sage

Benefits women in menstruation & menopause. Induces euphoria, calms the mind & promotes lucid dreaming. On skin, it calms, balances and strengthens the skin & muscles.


Stimulates circulation as well as brain & nerve functions. This Oil repairs skin damage, tones muscles & tissue and tightens skin to prevent it from sagging.


Helps to alleviate an overloaded mind and improve reasoning, eases both mind & muscles. On skin, it is regenerative & leaves a healthy glow. Alleviates dry skin & heals wounds.

Tea Tree

A strong antiseptic that kills viruses, bacteria & fungi. Studies have shown that it kills viruses. Spiritually protective, especially in the use of psychic attacks & purification.


Increases sensory levels & the outer field, causing spiritual self to drop into the physical body. Intesticide, antifungal, antibacterial & anti- inflammatory. Increases libido.


Reduces feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness, fatigue & tension. Enhances concentration, and improves cognitive function. Regenerative, tightens the skin and reduces the sign of aging.


 A symbolism of immortality. Supports healthy circulation, clears the airways & energizes the mood and grounds emotions. Purifying, cleansing & tightening on skin. 


Boosts immune system, a powerful antibacterial & antifungal. Soothes muscle & joint pain. This oil teaches us non attachment especially to our false identity & ego.

Ylang Ylang

Enhances mood, reduces depression, lowers blood pressure & reduces heart rate. It stimulates oil production on the skin & scalp. Has also been used to treat asthma.


Antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-depressant, deodorant, nervine & sedative. It strengthens the nervous system as a whole & relieves any anxiety or fear while uplifting your mood

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Precaution, Warnings, Allergies- Some may be allergic to specific oils, always consult with a health practitioner and do a small patch test on the inner forearm or back and wait 24 hours before continuing use. If you experience any kind of irritation use carrier oil or cream over the irritation to further dilute. Wash with soap & water.

Essential Oils are powerful because they are highly concentrated forms of plants. Pregnant women must be careful with essential oils and consult with all Health/ OB care practitioners before using. DO NOT ingest any of these oils. These oils are to be used for inhalation through smell & topical application to external areas only. Consult with a qualified doctor or mental health practitioner before using or mixing with any medicine. Essential oils are to be used in combination with orthodox medicine, or in some cases in place of it. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use for educational & entertainment purposes only.

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